A delicate object, endowed with a flexible and mutant aesthetic, where the importance of the generative gesture establishes a physical bond in the very moment of use. With Stort, NYXO presents an organic ritual for everyday use.

Stort is a monolithic stool made composite materials with a glossy or matte finish. It is characterized by an organic/biomorphic design that recalls the world of science fiction with the sinuosity of the shapes and the fluidity of the lines. Ideal for both domestic and public contexts.

The special geometry allows you to pair multiple pieces, making Stort handy for transportation and storage. The material with which it is produced, derived from aeronautic technology,
makes it an easy to clean object and perfect for outdoor use.

Lounge stool

Stort is manufactured with RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) technology. It is available in 2 versions, glassfibre or natural
fibers: hemp and jute.
To make the composite, water-based resins and paints are used, the combination with natural fibers makes the object environment friendly using biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Colors and finishes

The surface is available with matte or polish finishing, Standard colors are black and white, any RAL color is available to order (min 2 stools).

RAL 9011 Graphite Black

RAL 9010 Blanc Pur


Weight 12 kg

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